Situated just 9 kilometres from the coast, nestling among the hills of the Sierra Almijara, lies the typically Andalusian, white-washed hill village of Sayalonga. 500 years ago, walls were constructed to demarcate the terraced fields that still surround this beautiful town. Here - where vineyards and olive groves flourish, and almonds, citrus fruits and tropical nispero trees grow - Andalusia has remained unchanged. Winding alleys, small village pubs, children at play, the elderly seated on benches in the Plaza surrounded by blue-blossoming jacaranda trees, housewives laden with shopping baskets gossiping vociferously on the street, peasants riding their mules to work in the fields, a herd of goats making its way out to the green of the mountain slopes - all this isn't an idyll pictured on a postcard but typical everyday life in this small town.

Sun, peace and activity

Sayalonga provides a good infrastructure, with bus connections, a doctor, pharmacy, bank, post office, and many small "mom-and-pop" stores for everyday needs. Like all Andalusians, the inhabitants of Sayalonga are very open-minded, maintaining good relations with their neighbours, and always welcoming visitors as well as "recent arrivals" to participate in the life of their community with its many traditions.

More and more stressed Central Europeans are captivated by this charming, sun and peace-filled corner of Andalusia, which, contemplative idyll notwithstanding, needn't merely be a spot for secluded tranquillity. Just 15 minutes away by car are the lively beaches of the Costa del Sol, with their many swimming, leisure, and shopping possibilities. Thanks to good transportation links, the port of Malaga - the coastal centre and capital of the Andalusian province, with its international atmosphere and modern airport - is just 45 minutes away.

Culture and nature

Those interested in history and culture will find Granada or Sevilla a veritable "El Dorado", where renowned historical structures and a sophisticated theatre, art, and music scene are just waiting to be discovered. But even the small surrounding towns hold some surprises in store: minarets dating to the 13th century, a mosque converted into a church, or, for example, the only circular cemetery from Moorish times, in Sayalonga. The nearby Sierra Almijara National Park and the Tejeda mountain range are a paradise for nature-lovers. Experience nature in its pure state on hiking, bicycle, and mountain tours - guided, or as an independent adventurer. The rugged, rocky forests, crystal-clear mountain streams lined with oleander, and astounding variety of plant-life are as awe-inspiring as the soaring eagles, wild mountain goats, and the sight of a shy lynx.